• Tyler Hammond

Idea Generation for Brief Three

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Brief 3 is a new brief that we have been introduced to for the Physical Computing Module. In this brief, we are to look at an Interactive Environment - which will allow people to engage and connect with technology.

After reading over the Assignment brief, presentation and online lecture, I began to plan and create various ideas.

I had three main ideas that I could work with for this module. These were:

Idea 1 - Automatic Washing Line

This idea is to have an Arduino controlled washing line, automatically retracting the washing in before it rains. The washing line is turned by the Arduino, and washing is stored in a covered section, preventing clothes from getting wet from the weather. The clothes are then retracted back out once the weather improves.

Idea 2 - Hands Free Doorbell for Covid-19

Even during these worrying and uncertain times where people have to stay and work from home, there are key workers who still have to go out to work; day-in, day-out – such as postmen/postwomen. Delivering parcels to people at their homes requires knocking on the doors, touching unnecessary surfaces such as gates and handles, and doorbells. My idea is to have a touch-free doorbell. When approaching a house, there is a device on the wall, where you only have to wave your hand over it. This will alert the people in the house using sounds and lights. This will dramatically reduce the number of surfaces touched during the delivery process – keeping our key workers safe.

Idea 3 - Interactive Dinner Plate

Parents can sometimes have issues with children eating the correct food at dinner time. Many parents struggle to get their child to eat foods such as vegetables. With an interactive plate, it will enable the child to become more engaged with their food during mealtime. Such as lighting up certain sections of the plate which are most important, giving the child a visual stimulus of what they need to eat next.

After forming these three main ideas, the two that stood out the most in terms of interactivity were Idea 2 and 3. I began to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both these ideas - in terms of interaction, practicality, and build-ability.

Due to the restrictions that Covid-19 has caused, I'm unable to use the university's services to make the most of this project. Working from home means that I need to make changes to the way this module is worked on and completed.

The most practical and relevant idea from my idea generation would be the Hands-Free Doorbell for the Covid-19 pandemic (Idea 2). I will begin to work on developing this idea over the next few weeks.

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