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Branding Development

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Creating the name and logo branding for the project.

Once deciding that the Hands-Free Doorbell was going to be my main idea for this brief, I began creating the branding for the product. This consisted of creating the name of the product, and the logo.

Since this would be a product that would need to be issued quickly to households, the naming and branding would be a key asset to ensuring people knew what the product does. The name 'CoronaBell' was the name of the product that I went for. This answers the question of: "What's the bell for?". Answer: "Coronavirus".

People then may the question of: "Is it a bell that alerts you that you have Coronavirus symptoms?". This is where the tagline underneath the logo comes in, informing people that it's a "Touch-Free Doorbell".

The name of the brand, 'CoronaBell', has hidden meaning within the styling of the text. As can be seen below, the word 'Corona' is bold, compared to the 'bell'. This has been done to help present the importance and severity of Coronavirus. And the fact that the Hands-Free door bell is only one piece of the puzzle to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The logo is a combination of a virus icon, an ultrasonic sensor in the eyes, and a smily face to help spread positivity.

The logo design for this project:

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